Journey of an Artist

Where do you begin? When do you realize you're an artist? Is it as obvious as enrolling in an art school, or has it always been a self-taught and experimentation process.

My journey started differently, I had enrolled in college to study engineering, and early on got interested to learn how ideas come to life. I started to explore, and took up the challenge to file a US patent for one idea. It was a truly amazing experience to understand the creative process and struggles of invention US8279051.

Later in grad-school, I took classes to learn about business and product development. After graduating, I worked on numerous projects dealing with 3D designs, leather work, creating websites, and app development. My first experience of making art was through my smartphone app work. To showcase workings of the Simpleimageapp, I posted some of my photographs on social-media, and was surprised to see people enjoyed the work.

For the first time, I started to seriously think about photography and to reflect on the work. I realized my vision is to capture a moment only using the Samsung Note II camera options with no further editing. I choose to print on aluminum surface to bring the image to life through the reflection of light. I want the viewer to visually feel the experience of that moment. As you browse the website, or the Instagram page, take time and sink into each moment. If there is one thing I have learned in this long quest..

Life’s an experience not a journey